This wedding was precious to me because Danielle was one of my first brides. She put all her trust in me and we spent months planning her memorable experience. She loves attention to detail and was a part of every decision. It taught me so much about caring for my clients.

My job is so much more than just making sure everything is beautiful. A successful wedding requires meticulous attention-to-detail and planning. This couple, that stole my heart from day one, chose my full-service offering which ensured I was there every step of the way.

Bringing this memorable experience to life included:

– briefing and approving every design element including flowers (by @thegrandbotanist ), stationery (by @redharedesign ), handmade nametags (by Kelly Kreates Events) and so many more design elements

– managing the #EventBudget and ensuring every supplier was paid on time

– guaranteeing a balanced and delicious meal was served hot and on time (by @saltandpeppercateringevents )

– managing and briefing all suppliers on the day including waiters, barman, photographers, videographers, master of ceremonies, DJ, musicians and more.

This business is 100% time and relationship management. Keeping everything and everyone running like clockwork is a gift I thank God for.

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