Lauren’s a true romantic and always dreamed of a home wedding. For her fairytale day, we converted the groom’s family home into the venue of her dreams. We wanted the event to feel homely but we didn’t want it to feel too familiar either. Guests were welcomed with a drink of their choice while the bridal party looked down at the entranceway from the gallery above.

They were ushered into the open plan kitchen which was converted into a seemingly endless harvest table with foods like cheese souffle, Asian stirfry, gazpacho, roasted prawns and a selection of homemade spreads and condiments.

All the entertainment spaces of the home were now interesting seating, each with a unique character and atmosphere. The outside was lit with fairylights, lanterns and candles and despite the rain, guests danced until the early hours of the morning.

The couple didn’t want a traditional sitdown menu and so opted for a variety of bowl foods that paid homage to culinary highlights across the world.

The standout moments were many but to name a few:

– 8 courses of roaming bowl foods by The Gooseroaster:

– accompanying wines

– perfect weather with kisses of rain

– homely lounge pockets that encouraged conversation and laughter.

After this memorable experience, the couple’s guests were thanked with a porcelain fortune cookie that had quotes from the bride’s favourite romantic comedy. It was the perfect way to end an event that truly celebrated love and all its simplicity.

Special thanks to the team:

Furniture: Baie Goeters and Propstars 

Flowers: Kelly Kreates

Decor: Something Borrowed, Hire Haus, Candles4 and FunctionHiring4U